Ventura Rodrigues Alves is a well-educated individual who studied electronic engineering in Portugal and attended college in the United States. In addition to his academic achievements, he is also a published author and founder of a successful business. Currently, he is actively involved in various research projects and has been published in prestigious journals such as Nature Human Behavior and Advances in Bioengineering and Biomedical Science Research. He has also worked with publishers such as OPAST Knowledge People Publishers and "Edicoes Esgotadas" in Portugal. His ORCID ID is 0000-0003-2973-5054.

Contact information for Ventura Rodrigues Alves can be found at Rua dos Caldeireiros 227, 4050-141 Porto. They can be reached via email at or through their website at Their phone numbers are +34 602323535 and +351 922296464.

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Ventura Rodrigues alves

Rua dos caldeireiros 227  4050 141 Porto

+34 602323535

+351 922296464




Rua dos caldeireiros 227 4050-141

Porto , Portugal 

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