Detect and monitor IoT devices

An IoT (internet of things) application is a collection of services and software that integrates data received from various IoT devices .it uses machine learning and (A.I.) artificial inteligence  technologie to analize this data and make informed decisions . our proposal is an IoT wereable device, capable of detect and monitor air pollution,virus and deseases.conected to the cloud in real time .


We are a certified SME ,developing new products to put our label in the top of the most loved trademarks. At KENSLY we promote a better quality of life and movement for citizens and communities . We want to make the world a safer and healthier place for everyone.


IoT Wearable devices, with sensors, capable of detect and monitor air pollution ,virus and deseases . Connected to the cloud by 5 G network, transmitting, information in real time.allowing a better quality of life and movement ,for communities and citizens.

Product Description: SensorQ is a revolutionary IoT wearable device that is equipped with advanced sensors capable of detecting and monitoring air pollution, viruses, and diseases. It is connected to the cloud via 5G network, transmitting real-time information to provide a better quality of life and movement for communities and citizens. With SensorQ, you can stay informed about the air quality and potential health risks in your surroundings, allowing you to take necessary precautions and make informed decisions about your daily activities. Features: - Advanced sensors for detecting air pollution, viruses, and diseases - Connected to the cloud via 5G network for real-time information transmission - Wearable design for easy and convenient monitoring - Compatible with mobile devices for easy data access and analysis Benefits: - Stay informed about the air quality and potential health risks in your surroundings - Take necessary precautions and make informed decisions about your daily activities - Improve your overall health and well-being by avoiding exposure to harmful pollutants and viruses - Contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment by supporting efforts to reduce air pollution and improve public health.


Life is Good

Life is good when we can use technology to prevent future pandemic outbreaks and monitor air pollution .

Our solution includes detect and monitoring of toxic airborne pollution. Monitoring of poisoned air. Detect and monitoring viruses, and diseases that spread through air etc...

This solution will promote a better quality of life for citizens and comunities and will help us prevent future pandemic outbreaks like the 2020 coronavirus crisis. With our solution, we can make the world a safer and healthier place for everyone.

 These are some of our solution features.

Airborne diseases

Airborne diseases pass from one person true another ,when microorganisms-such as bacteria, fungi or virus-travel true the air in aerosolized particles spread .here are some examples of air born ways of spread . Coughing , sneezing , Laughing .

Toxic airborne pollutants

carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, asbestos, gases released by fuel oils among other air toxics are known to cause or suspected to cause cancer and other serious health problems .




Real time IoT solutions

Our solution collets, Real time information, and uses 5G transmission to send information to storage, in the cloud, leaving always an accessible amount of data for the costumer immediate usage.

Monotoring air pollution ,virus and deseases with SensorQ

This idea , of IoT (internet of things) devices like SensorQ ,capable of detect and monitor air pollution,air-borne deseases and virus. was born in 2020 , from the necessity to extinguish the new coronavirus pandemia, a IoT wearable solution to help prevent future outbreaks. The necessity to innovate in the issue of air pollution promotes SensorQ  as a better solution for quality of life and movement in our communities.

Research Article Published in the Journal : 

Advances in Bioengineering and Biomedical Science Research

Publishers OPAST Knowledge people

Author ventura rodrigues alves

Date of Publication 24 February 2023

Volume 6 / issue 2 / Pages 21/22

This Article can be found in the following link under articles in press 

ISSN: 2640-4133 | DOI: 10.33140/ABBSR


Urban Mobility innovators Open Call - Final list 

voxpop lisbon 

voxpop lisbon

The result from the lisbon voxpop urban Mobility innovators contest final list  as arrived , 

There were 53 Entities from 15 Diferent countrys in contest ..And 20 grants to award.

only 18 achived the 3 in 5 points

evaluation result necessary .

2 award prizes are missing. From a package of 20. 

Mathematic theory of the package of 20 oranges . 2 must have fallen from the density of the package . Without their  Delta .  Final movement minus their initial movement. 

29 were rated below that number but still are eligible and 6 are not eligible .

KENSLY  achieved the  31  place in the innovators contest.



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