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Wearable clothes and masks, with IoT sensors, capable to detect pathologies, toxic substances and virus. Connected to the cloud by 5 G network, transmitting, information in real time.

There are other situations, besides help detect virus, in time of pandemic crises. Like the 2020 new coronavirus pandemia, we want to help prevent in the future .with our solution.  Here are some examples. By air photogenic transmission Detection. Toxic airborne pollution, poisoned air, and excessive nuclear radiation . These are some of our solution product features.

Airborne diseases

Airborne diseases pass from one person true another ,when microorganisms-such as bacteria, fungi or virus-travel true the air in aerosolized particles.

Toxic airborne pollutants

carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, asbestos, fuel oils-




Our solution collets, Real time information, and uses 5G transmission to send information to storage, in the cloud, leaving always an accessible amount of data for the costumer immediate usage.

This prototype idea , of clothes and masks capable to detect pathologies was born in 2020 , from the necessity to extinguish the new coronavirus pandemia, a solution to help prevent future situations of pandemia ,air pollution or other public health crises .

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